Bay Area Car Wrap

Car Wraps in the Bay Area allow you to re-innovate your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and brand yourself or your business. We have partial covers, which include car advertising and decals. Also, we sell custom vinyl wraps that come in thousands of color combinations and finishes, offering total protection for body paint, and are easily removable. Finally, we provide fleet wraps to help generate a significant impact on your company in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

Bay Area Vehicle Wraps For Your Business

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Billboard of your own? How about one that you can  drive down the highway? Wraps for commercial vehicles allow companies to advertise anywhere and anywhere they go. For a fraction of the paint cost, custom car wraps will enable every business to have classic car colors and specialty finishes. A comprehensive breakdown of the car is performed by our experienced installers so that the vinyl wrap tucks in deep and lasts for years to come. If you want to boost your vehicle’s appearance, use partial vinyl wraps and decals.

Custom Car Wraps In San Leandro

Sam’s Signs have been providing large-format printing services in California’s SF Bay Area. We do various custom car wrapping services related to vinyl printing and vinyl adhesives. Our team relies on extensive experience and improved skills to develop the right designs to fit your vehicle wrap ideas for the best results. Let us assist you with advertising your business through your vehicle.

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Die-Cut Vinyl Custom Wrap

A die-cut vinyl wrap gives a design touch to the body of your windows or car. It is an inexpensive option for adding branding to the fleet of your company. You can build brand recognition when driving around by putting your company name, logo, and website in a car. The high number of views you would get from your company name alone makes it worth the return on investment.

Partial Vinyl Custom Wrap

For just a portion of the vehicle, a partial vinyl wrap offers design coverage. This choice also ranges from a vinyl wrap covering 1⁄3 to 2⁄3 of your car. It functions well for the service vans and vehicles of your company. With your company’s colors, logo, and service list, you can say a short story about what your business can bring to potential customers.

Full Vinyl Custom Wrap

This vinyl wrap style makes a bold statement. It provides you with a big canvas to play with. Moreover, it improves your chance of being noticed while on the road. Without disturbing your line of sight when driving, eye-catching graphics cover the body of the car and windows. A full custom wrap will successfully do the trick if you need to amp up your vehicle ads.


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