15 Business Sign Ideas in 2022

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What are the latest business sign ideas for 2022?

Business signs are a form of marketing tool even in this era of the digital age. If you have an office or physical store, you need eye-catching and identifiable advertising for your business to stand out.

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15 Business Sign Ideas in 2022

As modernization progresses, so do business signs. Today, you can now do various ways to use signs to enhance your branding. This way, your business can stand out, especially if your address is on a busy street.

So, for inspiration, we’ve prepared a collection of diverse business sign ideas to catch the eye of potential customers.

Business Sign Ideas #1 – Flag Mount Signs

Flag mount signs are attached to a wall perpendicularly, or what we commonly call blade signs or projecting signs. These signs are often placed outside as “brand” signs to grab passersby’s attention to your store. There are many flag mount sign designs to choose from, but the most important thing is to display your store’s name prominently.

Business Sign Ideas #2 – Lightbox Signs

Lightbox signs are an excellent way to highlight your company’s name or any other information that fits inside the lightbox. These are best used in the dark and can double as store wall art.

Business Sign Ideas #3 – Neon Signs

Neon signs are a more modern and versatile version of a lightbox sign that looks great both inside and out. They provide excellent visibility, particularly in the dark, and are ideal for brand names and other branding items such as your company’s catchphrase. 

Business Sign Ideas #4 – A-board Sign

A-board signs, also known as sandwich signs, are on the sidewalk directly outside your store. These signs, which are in the shape of the letter “A,” are an efficient way to highlight store specials, new items, and menus. If you ever need to modify your sign, they’re inexpensive and straightforward to replace. 

Business Sign Ideas #5 – Awning Sign

In addition to your store’s name, Awnings can complete the look of your storefront. These awnings provide additional space for displaying additional business information such as store hours, locations, and specials. These are an excellent alternative to more permanent company signage because they are collapsible and easily changeable.

Business Sign Ideas #6 – Metal Sign

While often more expensive, a personalized metal sign for your business is a fashionable approach to attract potential clients. Metal signs are also weatherproof and waterproof, making them perfect for use outside.

Business Sign Ideas #7 – Window Decal

Decals are a low-cost way to communicate important business information to your consumers. Don’t limit yourself to what you can put on a decal. You can use these decals to promote new products and store promotions. You don’t even have to put them in your store’s windows. Floors, shelves, ceilings, and walls can all benefit from decals.

Business Sign Ideas #8 – Painted Business Sign

Hand-painted signage serves a variety of purposes. Restaurants, pubs, and any industrial or rustic-looking store would benefit from these beautiful signs. They can also enhance your brand identity. Another advantage of a hand-painted sign is that it lasts long and does not require frequent replacement.

Business Sign Ideas #9 – Ghost Sign

Ghost signs are hand-painted signs that are common outside, draw customers into your store or serve as a decorative element. They were trendy in the twentieth century but have recently resurfaced. Because ghost signs are common on the sides of buildings or inner walls, you may be as creative as you want with them because you have so much space.

Business Sign Ideas #10 – Hanging Business Sign

You might think that signs are just for outdoors, but they are crucial within your store. Indoor signage that orients clients throughout your store is known as hanging signs. Place them at strategic entrances, restrooms, counters, and aisles. These signs are common in cafes, buffet restaurants, supermarkets, hardware stores, and other places where customers may require more guidance.

Business Sign Ideas #11 – Flag Sign

Flag signs or banners are weather-resistant textile signage that can be hung or mounted outside your business. These signs are a cost-effective way to promote your company, products, or events. If you cannot mount the signage, you can make feather flags instead. These feature ground-level poles and are a great way to draw attention.

Business Sign Ideas #12 – 3D Sign

Both indoors and outdoors can benefit from 3D signs. They have greater depth and are more noticeable than typical signs, especially when combined with the proper lighting. Use this to make 3D signage for your company’s name or other vital information such as directions and labels such as restroom signs.

Business Sign Ideas #13. Projected Image Sign

To attract people to your business, go the additional mile and use projected image signs. These are not only highly imaginative but also relatively cost-effective. Despite the additional cost of the projector, unlike more traditional signage, these signs do not wear out. Moreover, you can modify the images to meet your business needs.

Business Sign Ideas #14 – Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are a popular and inexpensive sign material, especially when compared to wood and metal. Although they are affordable, they often endure a long time. However, they are not shatter-proof. Aside from the price, they’re incredibly adaptable and straightforward to make. 

Business Sign Ideas #15 – Digital Signage

One of the most common types of signage today is digital signage. You can see these in practically any industry, including restaurants, pubs, banks, and spas. One of the reasons they’re so popular is that they’re simple to personalize. The pictures on the displays can be modified to match your business’s signage needs, just like light signs. They’re also more eye-catching and interactive than traditional signage.

What Makes Good Signage Design?

The purpose of business signs is to communicate information to your customers efficiently. The information on a business sign might range from the company’s name to its hours of operation and even the products it promotes. Therefore, keep your business sign’s material as brief and attractive as possible.


Every visual marketing and merchandising guide puts color at the top of the list. While your colors should always compliment your logo, you should also think about the goals and visibility of your sign. Strong colors, such as black, white, and red, are eye-catching and can successfully communicate your message.


Besides choosing colors that represent your company and its products, consider how they blend. Your target audience will be able to read your sign easier with contrasting colors.


Serif and sans-serif fonts are standard in various fields because they are more modern and “powerful” fonts. You can also use other sorts of fonts, such as script fonts. However, when designing your business sign, the most crucial factor is how easy it will be to read. Still, it depends on your preference and your brand. So stick to the font that would give your customers “aesthetics” and “feel” of your brand.


Take into account the size of your sign. If it takes up the entire wall, you have more font options and vice versa. The size of your sign impacts how it appears and where it can be displayed. Again, the most important element is to make your sign readable, and well-designed. These are crucial to effectively and efficiently creating an outdoor business sign.

Hire a business sign expert if you don’t know where to begin and what to use. We have a team that can help you from start to finish for every process.


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