Blade Signs

Bay Area Blade Signs

A blade sign is a projecting sign placed on the facade of a building, storefront pole, or connected to a surface perpendicular to the normal traffic flow. These signs are one of the most efficient ways of attracting foot traffic into your establishment. The signs of the Blade go by several names. Hanging signs, flat signs, swinging signs, or scroll bracket signs can be called these. But these signs play a vital role in both marketing and direction.

Sometimes when trying to find your shop, they are the sign people look for the sign that draws people to your store when walking by and the one they remember when they return. You can choose from several blade sign types, and Sam’s Signs can produce anything. Contact us today for a quote if you’re ready to start your order.

Blade Sign For Every Business

Blade signs are logos that are visible from the storefront to onlookers that might walk to your building. It is also essential to those who may not be able to see your wall-mounted on your storefront sign. Blade signs, for example, are beneficial for pedestrians who are on your side of the street walking by and entering your company. Blade signs are often helpful to get the attention of cars driving down a road or other uses.

Sam’s Signs is a leading LED sign blade manufacturer in the Bay Area recognized for using cutting-edge LEDs for each signage. We will produce the highest quality signs, matching every concept idea you have. Whether it’s a flat rectangular print or a 3D lighted sign in an unconventional shape, we’re here to help you build it.

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Types of Blade Signs

Traditionally, rectangular and flat blade signs have been made, hanging above a store from chains on a poll or extension. These signs have been used in some capacity for hundreds of years, as they are one of the best store signs a company can have to draw individuals to its business. However, Sam’s Signs lead the way with blade signs in San Leandro and its nearby areas. For every blade sign, we have the technology and expertise capable of making quality designs that convert.

  • Illuminated Blade Signs
  • 3-Dimensional Blade Signs
  • Custom Blade Sign Shapes
  • Hand Painted Blade Signs
  • Swinging Blade Signs
  • Wall-Mounted Scroll Bracket Blade Signs
  • Stationary Blade Signs
  • Double-Sided Blade Signs

You can choose from different materials like wood, plastic, metal, and aluminum to withstand the outdoor weather. Regardless of the size, shape, and style, we will make it possible to customize your outdoor wall sign in the Bay Area in various ways.


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