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Do you need three-dimensional and independently made letters or figures for your business? Channel letters are your best option. Sam’s Signs has provided high-quality, lightweight California signs to help your brand stand out. With years of company experience, we have been making weatherproof signs for all your outdoor signage needs. You can choose whether illuminated or non-illuminated. Some illuminated letters include front-lit, backlit, and halo-lit (dual lit). Moreover, other unique options exist for indoor and outdoor signage needs.

Channel Letter Signs For Business

Channel letter signs are suitable for stand-alone retail stores, restaurants, and those located in strip malls. However, some owners think that electric signs use neon bulbs that consume high electricity, but not with us. Sam’s Signs use longer-lasting, energy-efficient LED lamps that are both efficient and energy-saving. Our company in CA will design signs that best fit local building codes and your company’s brand image and budget.

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Sam’s Signs will work tirelessly to provide your firm with the brightest and most beautiful dimensional letter signs. We will turn your imagined design into reality while following your state’s codes and ethics for installing letters. Choose from various designs – standard graphics, exposed neon letters, and reverse-lit channel letters. Whether you prefer aluminum or metal sheet materials, we will help you create well-constructed and stylish designs to catch your customers’ attention.


The Front-Lit or Standard Channel Letter is the most common channel letter form. This letter, on the back and sides, is aluminum. A channel letter’s sides are also known as “returns.” The typical front-lit is internally illuminated with either LEDs or neon lights, illuminating each letter’s “face.” The trim caps screwed to stay on the sign’s face may be made of plastic or metal, while the front of the sign is made of one of two plastic types: polycarbonate or acrylic. Whereas polycarbonate is smoother, acrylic is shinier. Typically, the logo’s color elements are done with cut-out transparent vinyl, or the face color is solid. The acrylic may be in its particular color if it matches the standard colors. Normal front-lit channel letters are highly adjustable due to the materials used.


Do you want to get genuinely fancy? Maybe you’re considering a sign with yellow illuminated faces and a blue halo effect? It’s where a letter from a front/back-lit channel shines. The regular front-lit letter and the halo-lit letter are combined with this form. The letter’s sides are aluminum, the faces are polycarbonate, and the sign’s back is open to reflect the LED or neon light off the wall.


Halo-lit letters are known as reverse channel-lit letters as well. They consist of faces and returns of aluminum, which are raised off the wall or raceway. It enables the inside of the neon or custom LED lights to shine the sides out and glow around each letter, producing a halo effect. On the other hand, regular channel letters light up the face of each letter exclusively. Halo-lit letters, and light box signs, are also used for sign projects requiring a distinctive, classy, or distinguished look or brand name. Contact our sign expert in the San Francisco bay area for assistance and a free price quote. Trust one of the best letter sign companies if you’re looking for affordable channel letters.


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