15 Tips To Make A Signage Stand Out

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Your business sign is a crucial part of your marketing strategy, especially if you have a physical store or office. If you want to maximize its use to its full potential, here are some tips to make signage stand out. 

Signage would stand out if it has a visible and attention-grabbing style. Everything should match perfectly – from the size, font, color, and shape. The position where you will install the business signage can be a deal-breaker as well. Readable, straightforward, and attractive – these are the top 3 features every business signage should have.


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Well-designed business signage allows you to take advantage of the chance to stand out from the rest of your competition. Neglecting the potential of good signage can lead to a terrible loss. Some business owners forget the power of visual stimulation and brand recognition. So if you are ready to make the difference, check out these tips to create signage that stands out.

15 Tips To Make A Signage Stand Out

It’s challenging to stand out in a crowd these days since even a horrible commercial can launch you online and make you a tremendous success. Good or bad – exposure is exposure. But sometimes, we play our marketing strategies too safe. We tend to focus on what other businesses are doing and forget the little things. 

A beautiful business sign can help your business stand out, especially if your store or office is on the same road as your competitors. So, here are some tips to make signage stand out and stick out amid the crowd.

Tip#1 – Based on Your Brand’s Purpose

Design a business sign according to your brand’s purpose. Do you own a restaurant, coffee shop, or consultant office? Business owners should have a clear idea of how they want their signs to look. 

Plus, don’t be afraid to try other kinds of signs. You don’t have to stick to the traditional storefront sign. You can build business signs for your lobby, doors, and another one where your target clients can see it outside.

Tip#2 – Establish A Brand

If you don’t currently have a logo or a brand, you should create one for your business. Then, incorporate this logo on your business signs to establish a brand. Stick to one design, so people can notice your business whenever they see that logo.

Branding starts with identifying your target audience, goals, and values. If you have no idea what design is, think about the brands you enjoy. Identify the aspects that you like about these logos and what makes them recognizable. 

A logo is an essential aspect of branding and something that should become instantly recognized. So, you’ll want to get it right the first time.

Tip#3 – Personalization

If you want to strike up a conversation with your audience right away, going personal is the way to go. You may elicit a far greater emotion and connection with your potential clients by including terms like “you” or “your” in the wordings of your sign. For example, you can put these personal words to have sub-taglines under your logo.

Tip#4 – Clear Message?

No one has time to read phrases that are overly long or intricate. Your message must be understandable to everyone, readable, and understandable. So keep it brief and sweet. Also, pay attention to the typefaces, and stay away from scripts. 

Since your signage must stand out, it should include a call to action or some basic information about your company. It shouldn’t be too overt, but it shouldn’t be insulting, vulgar, or tacky either. It would help if you struck the proper combination of message, location, and time.

Tip#5 – Avoid Being Too Subtle

Your brand may be modest, but don’t go too subtle with your signage, or you’ll lose sight of it. It does not require being showy or flashy. Even clear signage, lighting, or 3D writing can make subtle vibes that can stand out. Great design can create a powerful visual impact, even if it is simple. What matters most is that your target audience can understand the significance of your logo to your products or services.

Tip#6 – Location

Suppose you’re in a crowded retail location where you’re vying with other businesses for attention. In that case, your signage needs to be more prominent. Consider what will stick out the most in your surroundings. Think of its surrounding scenery, other buildings, and other signs. Consider the competition when designing your business signage.

Tip#7 – Brief Texts

You are writing for people and not for a friend or family. So, make the texts clear and easy to understand. So people passing by in front of your store or office can read it. It is crucial, especially if you’re going to place the signage near the road, where people and vehicles are approaching fast.

A sign with too much wording will appear crowded and will reduce its overall visibility and effect. Decide on the main message you want to convey with your sign. Then, limit the specifics to a bare minimum.

Tip#8 – Typography

The font on your business signage can make all the difference. Curly, thin, or overcomplicated fonts might be difficult to see at a distance, so if you want to make a significant effect, go for a simple font.

When it comes to signage, sometimes less is more, so keep it basic. If you’re not sure, print your sign and hold it 5 meters away first. Are you able to read the most crucial parts? Is the space between your letters sufficient? If this is the case, you should reassess your design.

Tip#9 – Readability

Keep in mind that not everyone has good eyesight, and not everyone will have the chance to examine your signs closely. People would most likely see it when driving or walking past. Therefore, it must be well visible and readable. Color selection is essential as well. Forget about neutrals or similar hues. Aim for solid and vivid hues and contrasts that will stand out. Make sure you choose the proper shade because each one has a psychological purpose.

Tip#10 – Creative Colors

Use bold colors like red, yellow, and orange, as well as contrasting brights. If you want to make your message stand out, think toned-down green, blue, pastels, or pure white. But whatever you choose, make sure it goes with your font color and the rest of your board’s aspects.

Tip#11 – Contrast

If you plan to put your sign in a busy area, most people will not have time to read a lot of text. Not only must it be brief and to-the-point, but it must also make the most crucial points stand out.

So, how do you do it? One of the simplest methods is to use contrast. Ensure the backdrop color is sufficiently distinct from the text color to ensure that it stands out and can be read easily from a distance. Choose a robust and significant typeface and avoid overcrowding your sign with artwork that can mislead your message.

Tip#12 – Placement 

Its location may significantly influence the visual effect of your signage. Along with the prominent elements like height and sign size, don’t forget to think about more subtle details like the direction the sun is shining and if people strolling by would have to strain to see your sign. Will people have to squint into the sun, or will the light bounce off your sign, rendering it illegible at certain times of the day?

Tip#13 – Budget

Suppose your budget permits; choose the most excellent signage possible. It will pay off in the long run. If you are on a limited budget or are afraid to make such an investment, strive to secure the greatest bargain possible. Ask your colleagues if they know someone who can help you get a discount. Always keep in mind that good signage is never a waste of money. It’s something your customers will see before they visit your business, office, or whatever it is you do. As they say, ” first impressions last.” So, it is one of the tips to make a signage stand out.

Tip#14 – Make a Test

Whether you’re constructing an LED sign or a bespoke outdoor sign, you must test it before giving your final permission and spending your money on manufacturing. You may ask your friends and relatives for advice. If you’re already in the company, it’s much better to get feedback from your clients or customers. 

Not only will you receive much-needed input, but your customers will also feel more connected. They will understand that their opinions count, which is crucial for building a feeling of community. You may also submit an email list to them along with a small questionnaire if you have one.

Tip#15 – Evaluate It

You won’t know if your new signage is effective until you track the outcomes. So make sure you get all of the figures in on time so you can compare them. Give it time, and don’t anticipate miracles in a day. After three months, you should be able to appreciate the true impact of your new signage fully. Also, pay attention to feedback; whether positive or negative, there’s always space for development.


Don’t allow your company to get lost in the crowd because you ignored your signage—hopefully, our tips to make a signage stand out helped you. Make a good business sign in the Bay Area because it counts! When you are ready to make a statement through business signs in the Bay Area, let Sam’s Signs help you. Contact our team to learn more about the best sign that fits your brand.


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