8 Best Outdoor Signs To Boost Your Brand

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It is not enough that you only communicate your message to your customers through mobile devices. If you have an office or physical store, you need to consider some of these 15 best outdoor signs to boost your brand.


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Channel Letters, Decals, Neon Signs, and Banners – these are some of the most common outdoor signs to boost your brand. Communication is the key to corporate success, and advertising outdoors plays a vital role in reaching a live audience.

So, we’ve compiled a list of 15 outdoor business sign ideas to give your brand a professional makeover. So, get inspired and see how business signs can help your company succeed.

15 Best Outdoor Signs To Boost Your Brand

It isn’t easy to figure out which outdoor signage ideas would work best for your store or office, especially with so many options. So, let’s help you boost the effectiveness of your outdoor branding activities. Choose the right one for your business.

1.3D Signs and Letters

3D Signs and Letters are some of the most common outdoor signs to boost your brand. It’s no surprise that they’re a popular form of outdoor advertising for any business. You can be so creative in bringing your fantastic sign ideas to reality. 

3D Signs and Letters offer an almost limitless number of shapes, fonts, colors, and dimensions to pick from. While maintaining true to your image, strive to blend your inside and exterior. So, don’t be scared to personalize your business with these business signs.

2.Neon Signs

Increase the exposure of your whole branding strategy by allowing your outdoor advertising to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Your written message will reach a larger audience with illuminated business signs or what we call neon signs. You can style it in a variety of ways, depending on your brand.  

3.Channel Letters

Are you looking for creative business sign ideas? Channel letters can level up your business. You can install it directly on the wall or a backing panel. Regardless, this business sign adds depth by creating a 3D effect that is enhanced by proper lighting. In addition, you can pair them with other illuminated business signs if you want your brand to stand out.


If you’ve just opened your business, purchasing expensive business signs is probably not your priority. But, you can still use banners as one of the best outdoor signs. It can deliver your message and amplify your brand without spending too much. Banners are a cost-efficient alternative to promote your business.

Banners are ideal for short-term or long-term use. Any graphic you can think of can be printed on a variety of banner materials. Show them off at special events, during sales seasons, and anywhere else you can. With double-sided printing, you can maximize the exposure of your innovative signage ideas. You can also mount banners in a variety of ways to maximize their visibility.

5.Blade Signs

You can use Blade Signs to get more visibility on roads and streets. It can act as a high-rise outdoor sign to attract passers-by to visit your shop or notice your office. You can customize its size to make it even more visible for vehicles traveling at high speeds. 

6.Car Wraps

Car Wraps allow you to re-innovate your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and brand your business. It is one of the best outdoor  signs because you can promote your brand all the time and anywhere that you go. Call it your “mobile billboard” for your business.

7.Monument Signs

One of the most eye-catching exterior business signs is Monument Signs. It will help you gain attention in any crowd or large area. You can design it in various materials, styles, and sizes, depending on your brand. As one of the most distinctive outdoor business signs for multiple purposes.

8.Vinyl Decals 

This outdoor business sign addresses several difficulties at once. Vinyl Decals is ideal for displaying longer messages, limited-time offers, and bright images. You can use it on all different surfaces, cars, trucks, SUV promotions, or anything with a clean and smooth surface.

How To Use Outdoor Business Signs?

When it comes to business, you must continually strive to increase sales, attract new clients, and improve the value of your brand. Outdoor business signs have always been an important element of marketing. Today, they continue to entice visitors to visit your company.

With technological advancements, you can now do a lot more with your outdoor business signs. Imagine you have a shop located on a busy street with other businesses that provide the same service as you do. How will you set yourself out from the competition in the eyes of a passing customer? 

An effective message delivered effectively through attractive images can sometimes work wonders for your brand. After all, it’s all about the original thought. It is where the use of outdoor business signs comes into play. Even a simple banner can make a huge difference. So let’s check out the reasons to invest in outdoor business signs for your company.

Attract Customers to Visit Your Store 

Getting potential consumers’ attention is the first step toward making a transaction. You’ll get the extra attention you need by strategically placing yourself in the appropriate area. Your business signs can communicate with customers on your behalf. This way, you can address their concerns and resolve them using the service or product you provide.

Outdoor business signs are like your company’s round-the-clock advertising instruments. For as long as they stay outdoors, you will always have a chance to turn around a customer.

If you own a store in a busy shopping center, consider signage to be your best option for getting noticed. Signs make your business visible to everybody who passes by, whether a first-time visitor, a local, a tourist, or a regular passer-by.

Amplify Brand Value 

Elevate your brand by customizing your signs with your brand colors, logo, and other symbols. Stick to the colors in your logo, create a design theme around them, and write a beautiful slogan or brief content that expresses the value you bring to your customers. 

Bring brevity and impact to the entire concept of creating signage, and watch as your brand’s worth increases tenfold. Also, note that the key to exponential growth is consistency in your design and placement. 

These are your business assets that leave a mark on the consumer’s head and heart about your brand. Therefore, it’s critical to prioritize your logo, tagline, and brand colors. Customers will become loyal to your brand if you are consistent and loyal to it in your signage.

Increased Sales

For example, you may immediately sell your services and products to customers through outdoor business signs. 

You can advertise your next big sale or giveaway contest or how your product is the greatest in the Bay Area. The correct use of the best outdoor signs may help you promote your company in a variety of ways.

Effective messaging can help you form long-term relationships with your customers that may lead to repeat purchases.

When compared to other traditional marketing strategies, outdoor business signage is cost-effective and durable. In addition, they are demographically targeted, non-intrusive, and generate traffic.

Amplify Your Brand With The Best Outdoor Signs

Now that we’ve covered some of the best outdoor signs, it’s time to choose and create an effective sign that converts! If you’re still unsure, Sam’s Signs can help you. Contact us to see how we can make your most imaginative business sign ideas a reality. We’ll ensure top-of-the-line branding solutions for your company by using the highest-quality materials and industry best practices.


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