Blade Signs vs. Neon Signs: Which One To Get?

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Blade Signs vs. Neon Signs

Between blade signs vs. neon signs, which one is a better option? If you have been looking for answers, we’ll give them to you. Let us help you decide which is a better option between these two signs for your business. It’s a matter of choosing the best design that would match your brand’s identity.


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Blade signs are projecting signs mounted on the side or storefront. Meanwhile, neon signs offer more versatility and style. Both signs are suitable for almost any business. It all boils down to incorporating designs and colors that would make your store stand-out.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the differences between blade signs vs. neon signs. If you’re unsure of what to pick, let’s clear some points for you. At the end of this article, we’ll make sure you’re ready to put up your store sign.

What Is A Blade Sign?

A blade sign is a type of projecting sign placed or fixed to a surface perpendicular to the regular traffic flow on a building facade or storefront column. One of the most powerful ways to draw foot traffic into the establishment is by these signs.

Blade signs are the symbol that people search for the sign that leads visitors to your store. It is a way to let them find your shop. Sam’s Signs serving the SF Bay Area is here to help you create it, whether it is a flat rectangular print or a 3D lit sign in an unorthodox shape.

What Are The Benefits Of A Blade Sign?

Blade signs can offer your business numerous benefits. Let us give you more reasons why a blade sign can be a perfect fit for your business sign.

Benefit #1 – Blade Signs Offer More Visibility.

Blade Signs work as a “way-finding” sign in a similar role. The signal sticks out of the building perpendicularly, pulling the eye to look at it for navigation. It is helpful for road traffic to see that the organization stands out from the others, enticing buyers to come in and see what’s “in-store.”

Benefit #2 – Blade Signs Offer More Versatility.

In downtown shopping areas, where there are many foot and street traffic, Blade signs are common in shopping areas where there are many feet and street traffic. It is a popular option because you can design it in different ways, types, and sizes. Blade signs are generally double-sided and remain compatible with the brand’s identity, look & feel in stores.

Benefit #3 – Blade Signs Are Credible.

Blade signs have been around for a long time now. So, it is one of the oldest ways of enhancing your storefront or business signs. The history of blade signs goes back to the fourteenth century. In the 1930s, blade signs became more extensive in the 1960s and have become a prized antique feature in some older buildings. 

What Are Neon Signs?

Custom neon signs are a very durable and robust type of light bulb, much like a fluorescent light. They are built from long gas-discharge luminous tubes that have been heated and twisted into different shapes and letters. Throughout the 1920s to the 1960s, custom neon signs hit their height in success but died out with LED technology development in the 1990s.

Although the term “neon” is used to describe this kind of illumination, only about one-third of the colors, including red, orange, and extreme shades of pink, are created by neon gas. The atoms tend to glow as the electric current reaches the electrodes in the tube. It is the usual way of how neon signs work.

What Are The Advantages of Neon Signs?

You already know the benefits of using blade signs, but what about neon signs? Can it give you the uniqueness and creativity that your brand or store deserves? Yes, neon signs are still useful in increasing your store’s visibility. Let’s see the benefits of using neon signs for your stores.

Benefit #1 – Neon Signs Offer High Visibility

Custom neon signs are an eye-catching addition to any enterprise, thanks to their luminous colors, dramatically improving visibility. As clients’ eyes are instinctively attracted to color and light, even on a busy street packed with your rivals, a neon sign will enhance your presence. For new firms seeking to advertise their existence, neon signs are beneficial.

Benefit #2 – Neon Signs Are More Customizable

One of neon signs’ most remarkable advantages is their ability to be personalized for any organization. They come in almost every shape, size, and color. So, you can customize them to suit your unique specifications.

Benefit #3 – Neon Signs Have Better Night Functionality

You want your store signs to be seen at night if you have an external symbol. Although you could set up additional lighting to highlight the current signs, both in terms of construction and repair, converting to neon is more cost-effective.

Benefit #4 – Neon Signs Are Efficient

But about the electricity that you will use to brighten the neon lights? Don’t worry. Neon signs are energy efficient. You want it to be seen at night if you have an external symbol. Although you could set up additional lighting to highlight the current signs, both in terms of construction and repair, converting to neon is more cost-effective.

They have long life cycles. Neon signs will last you up to 12 years when properly designed, mounted, and maintained! The tremendous importance of neon signs becomes very apparent when you remember that the bulbs need very little maintenance.

Benefit #5 – Neon Signs Offer Modern Advertising

Custom neon signs have a long tradition of advertisement, and, as such, people are trained to pay attention to neon signs. To decide whether a business is open and to spot deals, your prospective clients can search for neon signs, and you can use this to your benefit. You’ll attract the attention of someone walking from the first moment you add a neon sign.

Which One To Get?

There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing between blade signs vs. neon signs. Both offer unique features and feels for any brand or store. If your storefront to be more traditional yet functional, blade signs are a better option. But if you want more modern styles, then you can choose neon signs. It is also an excellent choice if you own a business that operates at night time.


Blades signs and neon signs will offer the visibility that your physical store needs. Whether it is a restaurant, clothing shop, or other services – these are the business signs that you need. It can help you attract more customers and visit what the things to find in your store are. 

If you need help customizing, designing, and installing blade signs or neon signs, we are here for you. Sam’s Signs offers high-quality business signs in San Leandro, California, and its nearby areas. Call us at (510)481-1700 for any inquiries about blade and neon signs.

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