How To Make An Effective Business Sign That Converts?

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If you want to create an effective business sign that converts, you are on the right page! In today’s age, businesses should never underestimate the essence of commercial signs. They are part of cost-effective marketing strategies that work wonders for any business. Of course, digital marketing attracts customers, but offline business signs could also be equally effective.

Getting to know your market is crucial to identify the right kind of business sign to make. Then, make sure to keep the design simple, and letters should be readable. Keep the text to a minimum and use easy-to-read fonts. More importantly, maintain your brand.


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Indeed, innovative and memorable business designs will be essential pieces of your business’ advertising. So, we have five tips to make an effective business sign that converts. So, let’s help you make a name for your business – ranging from your storefront to indoor signages.

5 Tips to Make an Effective Business Sign That Converts

If you wonder how to create an effective business sign that will help your store generate more local customers, we have your back! Read on to find the top five tips that we have for creating adequate commercial signages!

1.Get To Know Your Market

The market where your business operates and your business’ nature are critical elements in determining the type of business sign that will work best for your marketing campaign. 

Another essential factor is to choose appropriate locations to place your business signs. So how can you do it?

Start by observing the facade and overall structure of your business site. Identify the highest and most noticeable points and start from there. You should also ask yourself whether your design is strong enough to catch your consumers’ attention. 

Do you already know the signs that your competitors use in making their presence felt within the market? If not, you better start doing some digging. Following this tip will make you understand what will work as an effective business sign.

2.Keep It Simple And Visible

When creating an effective business sign, you must keep it visible and straightforward. The saying “less is more?” is incredibly applicable in this case.

Your potential customers could easily see and read your signage with even a superficial glance by having short, easy-to-read messages. 

By now, you must already know that business signs come in all shapes and sizes. So, choose the correct dimensions to work well for your business.

Consider which size works best for various points of view. Do you need to put it in your storefront? Then, it should have to be big enough to be read by passersby. On the other hand, signages inside the store should be a tad smaller to avoid overwhelming your customers. 

Remember that visibility is the most crucial element of your signage. A fantastic business sign would not be effective in converting if it is not visible to consumers!

3.Be Direct To The Point

As a business owner, we get that you would want to maximize your business design. But filling up the entire available area with texts and graphics would do your business more harm than good!

Remember that your business sign is not a blog; it is more like an attention grabber. With this information in mind, you need to be as concise as possible. Did you know that successful business signs include short and coherent messages? 

Your message should only use as few words as possible. Every audience prefers to read short and direct-to-the-point statements rather than long ones. In addition, too much text is hard to read from a distance. Therefore, fewer customers pay attention to it.

There is a concept called “white-space.” It is an area that has no text or graphics. But do not take it too literally because it could still have color despite its name. The “white space” is equally essential as texts and graphics because it balances the entire sign. About 30% to 40% of the sign’s face area has to be the “white space” to optimize consumer readability as a rule of thumb.

4.Consider Upgrading Your Texts’ Font And Style

Crisp, clean, and easy-to-read fonts are the most effective styles that enhance your business sign’s legibility. Various professional fonts differ in terms of weights. These include regular, italic, bold, extended, black, and others.

You could easily use these to optimize your commercial signage! For example, these could help you emphasize and prioritize certain parts of your sign.

In addition, you should never use more than two varying fonts in your design. Instead, stick with two complementary fonts that go well together to make your design stand out. You should also ensure that these fonts are legible, especially when read from a distance.

Another sneaky misconception within the business world is that CAPITAL LETTERS are easier to read because of their size. However, several scientific visual tests conclude that Upper And Lower Case Text is easier to read from a distance. Increasing your sign’s readability is essential because viewers often only have a few seconds to glance at your message.

5.Use Effective Color Combinations

To help you out, here are 15 color combinations that have already been proven effective for optimal readability from least to most significant. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has tested these combinations.

  1. White on red
  2. Red on yellow
  3. Yellow on red
  4. Red on white
  5. Yellow on brown
  6. Brown on white
  7. Brown on yellow
  8. White on brown
  9. White on green
  10. Blue on yellow
  11. Green on white
  12. White on blue
  13. Yellow on black
  14. Black on white
  15. Black on yellow

Please note that these color combinations are not the standard for having an effective business sign that converts. It merely acts as a guide to help you jumpstart your journey in finding the appropriate colors that would work for your business.

How To Make Signs More Noticeable?

To ensure that you have an effective business sign that converts, you need to make it more noticeable. However, this is a challenging task, mainly when your business is within a busy area. But do not worry because we came up with three tips that could improve your chances of creating an eye-catching business sign!

Make Your Readers Laugh

Humor is an excellent tool for capturing the attention of an audience and eliciting a favorable response. According to decades of study, humoring your way into garnering potential consumers is accurate. Did you know that brands that use humor effectively create faster and more lasting memory rates and social relationships with their target audience by using current trends to drive better marketing outcomes?

Humorous advertising is most effective when it resonates with a specific audience and plays with conventions, either by referencing pop culture or other well-known references or adding to or spinning off of them. However, humor is more of a subjective matter – and it is highly demographic. Because of this, you need to advertise your brand depending on your target audience.

Depending on your target audience, you could personalize and customize your signs in a variety of ways:

  • Jokes
  • Parodies
  • Puns
  • Absurdist Depictions

Out With The Dim, In With The Bright

By adding a light source to your signs, you can turn them into a weatherproof, 24/7 advertising canvas. There are several types of backlit signage. The most effective business sign uses LED lights that act as the store’s front-facing signage. 

Play Around With Graphics

Did you know that only 8% of consumers prefer text-only signage? On the contrary, over half of consumers prefer signs with both text and graphics. 

With over 85% of consumers claiming that outdoor signs reveal a company’s character or “personality,” including artwork becomes even more critical.

Researchers believe that heuristic cues are the key to this achievement. For example, graphics on signs can provide additional branded information about a company or service. In addition, pictures don’t require texts sometimes. But a strong one can convey your brand’s message. 


You might feel like giving up at this point, but don’t! 

It will only leave you with dozens of “what if’s” that will continue to shake your confidence as a business owner. We understand your frustrations in figuring out how to create an effective business sign. We know that it is a stressful event, but we are here to guide you throughout your journey!

Follow our tips, and soon enough, you would already have an effective business sign that converts potential consumers into real-time customers. Sam’s Signs have expert sign makers to help you if you can’t find the perfect designs. Feel free to give us a call at 510.481.1700.

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