What Are Channel Letters Signs?

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Channel letters are an excellent option to draw the attention of customers and potential buyers by giving them the latest and most fashionable image of your brand’s identity. So, in this article – we’ll give you more details about channel letters and what you should be aware of when selecting the right choice for your signs.


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What Is A Channel Letter Sign?

Channel letter signs create an illusion of 3D for the signage. A three-step process makes every number, letter, or character (back and forward, then face), which, when put together, creates a 3D sign. Standard front-lit channel letter has these important parts.

The Back

The back of the channel letters uses a flat aluminum sheet, usually available in various thicknesses. Using a router, the flat sheet made of steel is cut to form the letter that forms letters on the reverse.

The Face

The face is typically constructed out of acrylic and is attached to the return to create the cap. It is also possible to not include a front and keep the channel’s letter unlocked. It creates a unique effect, such as making the appearance of neon with LED tubes. 

Design Options

Since they’re custom-made and highly flexible, channel letters come in various materials, colors, fonts, and sizes. In addition, the aluminum sheeting comes with standard colors and designs.

Three Types of Illuminated Channel Letter Signs

These are illuminated signs that use LED light sources that are energy efficient. Here are three kinds you can choose from.


  • Face-Illuminated or Front-Lit – The most popular form of channel signage is the face-illuminated or front-lit channel letter sign. The face uses transparent acrylic, which lets light reflect through, making the face of the sign glow. The acrylic face comes in a range of shades. Signs with front lights are simple to read and provide excellent visibility in the dark and over long distances.
  • Back-lit, Reverse, or Halo – This lighting can make the sign appear floating from the walls. For this type of sign, the front uses aluminum materials. At the same time, the back either comes with a covered or opened design using transparent acrylic. When installed, spacers create gaps between the walls and the sign, allowing lighting to produce the appearance of a “halo effect” that surrounds the form that the signs take. 
  • Front/Back Lit or Combination-Lit – It allows light to get reflected through the signage’s back and face. The contrast of colors could create a dramatic effect or be required to increase your sign’s visibility in the evening. 

Mounting Options

There are three primary mounting options: raceway mounts, Direct or flush mounts, and backer mounts.


  • Raceway Mount is an oval steel box extending the length of the sign’s back, which houses the power source and electrical cables. The raceway’s purpose is to be invisible so as not to distract from the design. It’s not tall and usually has a coated body to match the facade of the building so that it blends in with the background. Raceways need the least holes to cut into the façade, decreasing the structural impact. It is why they’re well-liked by landlords and property managers.
  • Backer Mount – Like a raceway mount, a backer mounting device is an aluminum or flat cabinet on which the channel’s sign is attached. It’s an integral design component and may have custom-designed designs and colors. The power and electrical supply could be located within the panel or behind the facade of the building.
  • Direct Mount or Flush Mount – You can fix every alphabet of this sign directly to the structure’s façade, which is a process that requires between 3 and five holes for each letter. It is because the electrical and power are behind the façade. Direct mounting gives an elegant appearance. This style is most famous for reverse channel letters. Direct mounting combined with standoff spacers creates a unique lighting effect.


The Benefits of Using Channel Letters for Your Business

An effective outdoor sign has at least three purposes displaying information, drawing customers, and boosting the brand’s image. Channel letter signs accomplish all of these and more. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for signage for business owners and sign makers.


If you consider using this sign, you’re on the right path. Here are a few advantages you’ll reap from this innovative and efficient advertising.

Cost-effective and Cheapest Way to Advertise Your Company

Letter signs for channels, ranging from simple designs to custom LED-illuminated ones, can draw thousands of potential and regular customers. The signs on site can attract customers to your business if placed within a reasonable distance. Contrary to radio and television, the signs on site can promote your brand by re-inserting it in their minds. They are also only a fraction of the cost of traditional mediums!


It’s no wonder that shopping malls, big brands, and even churches use the same type of signage for their exteriors. As a result, you don’t need to replace or maintain it frequently.


Prices vary according to the type of material used. However, they are usually reasonable due to competition between sign manufacturers. If you don’t have any contacts working in the industry, you should choose only a reliable business signs company that can provide top-quality outcomes.


Utilizing LED instead of neon could cost you several dollars. LED, however, is more cost-effective and environment-friendly. It is the same for the use of aluminum instead of steel. Aluminum isn’t rusty and can last for an extended period.

Aesthetically Appealing Design to Boost Brand Image

Logos and exterior signs are more than just conveying an idea. It also represent intangible elements that form the brand.


Are your signs welcoming and welcoming? Does it appear too severe, and do the wrong people attract it?


The best part is that you can match your channel’s lettering to your company’s brand – based on the needs of your business.

Environmentally Friendly and Efficient Energy Use

Channel letters for your outdoor sign are among the most efficient ways to help green your company. It’s simple, quick, and cost-effective. In addition, signmakers are promoting using LED lights in preference to traditional lighting like fluorescent and neon. 


It is less energy-intensive and is greener due to the absence of mercury or lead. Furthermore, LED-illuminated signs are powered by low-voltage transformers and have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours.


The green benefits of using LED as the primary light source could help obtain an enterprise permit.



Are you ready to improve your shopfront and grow your business’s visibility using channel letters? Finding a reputable manufacturer of signs is a great beginning. Do your research to ensure you know what to look for when working with a sign business.


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