What Are Custom Monument Signs?

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Would you want to have a sign that projects the longevity of your company while displaying sophisticated professionalism? 

Monument custom signs offer a stunning presence for your business. It serves as an extensive, apparent directory. They’re built from various materials, including brick and stone, and more often crafted from an exterior-grade foam that replicates the look of masonry. 

One thing that makes monument signs unique is that you can create a harmonious look by matching your sign to the architectural design of your building. It acts as a great branding strategy and overall offers a greater sense of professionalism. Let’s learn more about custom monument signs.


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What Are Custom Monument Signs?

Monument signs are sturdy, with a dignified structure. It makes monument signs durable and one of the best signage options to withstand intense climates. Additionally, structurally they’re large and do well at attracting oncoming traffic and walking traffic. 

Moreover, custom monument signs are efficiently placed directly in the line of sight, which makes it easy for people to recall where you’re located. Think of it as being able to include pointing your sign out when you’re giving directions to your business location. 

Arguably, one of the most excellent perks of monument signs is that they’re very low maintenance. Sturdy materials and durable construction make for a valuable long-term signage option.

What is the Difference Between Custom Monument Signs and Pylon Signs?

The critical difference between monument and pylon signs would be height. On average, a monument sign is wider and typically no higher than 5 feet tall. On the flip side, pylon signs are typically anywhere from 20 to 25 feet tall. They can be seen from several hundred feet away due to their towering height. 

Additionally, monument custom signs serve as a directory for a single business. In contrast, pylon signs serve as a directory to multiple firms. It identifies major companies within a business complex, mall, retail store location, etc.

 You may have heard pylon signs referred to as “Highway Signs” or “Road Signs” because they are often installed along busy roads and highways. It helps businesses gain better traction from traffic that is moving significantly faster. 

Since monument signs are lower profile, you can install them near the business entrance. It makes it better for motorists, walking traffic, and traffic from three-way streets traveling at lower speeds. 

Not only do you stand out from the sea of warehouses and storefronts, but you can also tie together the branding scheme of the plaza while significantly increasing visibility.

How To Improve my Custom Monument Signs?

With floodlight, you can enhance its illumination for better exposure at night/evenings/holidays—internal or external brightness. Make sure the letters are easy to read, the size is enough to be visible, and the correct positioning.

Firstly, in terms of simplicity, your best bet is to prioritize a legible font that reads quickly to the eye. You have to leverage large text with a simple font to maximize visibility. More often than not, passerby traffic will not have enough time to read all of your signs, so the idea is to capture their attention efficiently. 

You aim to catch their eye successfully without overwhelming them with distracting font and long messages. 

Secondly, the positioning of your sign is integral to distinguish your sign from others that may be around. Ensuring that you’re uniquely identifiable will work to your business’s advantage, especially if you combine positioning strategies with opposing color schemes compared to the surrounding signs. 

For instance, if other nearby signs use a lighter-colored font, you should use a darker-colored font, and vice-versa. Finally, illuminated options give a new meaning to special features. For example, you can consider external illumination using floodlights and internal illumination using LEDs. 

Using illuminated letters and graphics increases your exposure at all times of the evening and into the night. Therefore, it is excellent for businesses that operate later in the day and during holidays. 

How Much Does a Monument Sign Cost?

Building a custom monument sign can be an excellent investment for your business. But how much does it cost to design and build one? The average cost of custom monument signs is about $275 per sq ft. In 2020, the price ranged from $150 to $400 per square foot.

It depends on the design’s size, materials, and complexity. For a simple monument sign made with basic materials, you could expect to pay around $500-$1000. But if you want something more elaborate, made with higher-quality materials, the price could jump to $5000 or more.

So is it worth the cost? It depends on your specific situation and goals. If you’re looking for a way to make a significant impact and attract attention to your business, then a custom monument sign can be worth the investment. However, other options can still get the job done if you’re working with a limited budget.

Banners offer a cheaper way of advertising. But you can always check out our website for other business sign options.

It’s up to you to decide what’s best for your business. But if you’re considering a custom monument sign, get quotes from multiple vendors to compare prices and find the best deal. Then, with some research, you can find an option that fits your budget and needs.

What’s The Importance Of Custom Monument Signs For Your Business?

Custom monument signs are a significant investment, but the beauty and functionality they bring to your business make them well worth the cost. Here are three reasons custom monument signs are essential for companies.

Custom Monument Signs Are Long-Lasting

Custom monument signs are made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. So whether you live in an area with severe winters or intense heat, your sign can hold up against whatever Mother Nature throws the way. 

Custom Monument Signs Require Low Maintenance

Custom monument signs are very low maintenance. Once installed, you won’t have to worry about doing much to keep them looking great. However, in most cases, you’ll need to give them a good cleaning to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the surface.

Custom Monument Signs Increase Curb Appeal

A custom monument sign can significantly increase the curb appeal of your business. It is essential if you’re trying to attract new customers or clients. A well-designed sign will make your business look more professional and credible, encouraging people to do business with you. 

Final Words

Custom monument signs offer many benefits to businesses. They are long-lasting, require low maintenance, and increase curb appeal. If you are looking for a custom monument sign for your business, contact a reputable monument signage company. They will work with you to create a sign that perfectly represents your business and meets all of your needs.


If you’re looking for a custom monument sign for your business, contact a reputable signage company. They will work with you to create a sign that perfectly represents your business and meets all of your needs.

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