What Does It Take To Create Your Own Outdoor Business Sign? (9 Steps)

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Creating outdoor signs is an exciting yet time-consuming process for businesses. So, this article helps you design and build an outdoor business sign like an expert.


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How To Make Your Own Outdoor Business Sign?

While numerous sophisticated ways to advertise your company, signs can be very effective and cost-effective. It works magic, especially if your business is in a busy neighborhood. 

Outdoor business signs can attract your clients to visit your store. You have to do it right. So, here are some tips to make your business sign.

Tip #1 – What’s the purpose of your outdoor business sign?

The first step in making a successful business sign is identifying its purpose. You can use outdoor business signs to draw people to your business. Other purposes would be communicating the cost of your products or services or simply showcasing your brand.

So, ask yourself why you’re making a business sign in the first place. Is it for attracting your target audience? Or are you just a simple one for your products and services? Once you answer this question will give you an idea of how to design your business sign.

Tip #2 – Know the local business sign regulations.

Your local authorities might require the submission of a detailed plan for your sign to get permission. This step aims to understand the legal requirements applicable to your area that will affect the method you use to design and place your business’s signage. 

Tip #3 – Where will you put your outdoor business sign?

Now that you know the local signage regulations, you can check where to put your business sign. For example, outdoor business signs come in various structures like Pylons, awnings, and stone structures. 

If you’re not sure, ask our experts. We can assess your location to find the best place to put your sign based on its purpose.

Tip #4 – Choose the best type of business sign

There are a variety of outdoor signs you could choose for your business. For example, you can use digital, illuminated, or aluminum signs. Always remember that each sign type has its pros and cons.

For example, an A-frame sign is the best sign to attract the attention of those walking by your establishment. However, drivers don’t see it often. On the other hand, digital or illuminated signs are an excellent option for businesses that operate at night. What’s the downside? Well, you might have to spend more on it.

Tip #5 – Pick the best material for your outdoor business sign idea.

There are a variety of sign materials available to pick from. Some of the materials are aluminum, acrylic vinyl, and corrugated plastic. Acrylic is the best material if you want to create 3D lightbox and lettering signs. 

On the other hand, aluminum is a rust-proof sign material, which is perfect for traffic and real estate signs. Regardless of the material, make sure to create easy-to-install and lightweight signage. In addition, it should be strong enough to withstand various outdoor elements and changing weather.

Tip #6 – Start designing your business sign. 

Here goes the fun part – designing your business sign. The style of your business’s outdoor signage is a chance to display your company’s distinctive brand logo along with your color schemes. It also provides an opportunity to draw in new customers and result in an increase in sales. 

Based on research conducted by the University of Cincinnati, about 60% of businesses experienced an increase in sales through improving the design or the visibility of their business signage. 

The average rise in sales was around 10% and is worth the expense of a thoughtfully designed outdoor sign for your business. So, create a design and develop a strategy that will assist you in achieving your business goals.

Tip #7 – Submit Permit Application

Once you have your plan for your sign set to go, now is the time to apply for a permit from your local municipality or government. Many cities and towns require signs to comply with specific regulations regarding the letters’ size and design, the dimensions of the sign design, copy space, and much more.

Once you have your permit, you can now start installing your business sign. Sam’s Signs specialists manage this process for businesses so that they can concentrate on more critical, lucrative projects for their business.

Hire Sam’s Signs to Help Your Outdoor Business Sign Stand Out

Sam’s Signs employ the most modern tools for sign making and techniques to ensure that companies get the most bang for their buck when they purchase a sign. However, making your perfect outdoor business sign is hard work. 

Our experts will take care of all the steps for you—our team assists with each aspect of the sign process, from sign design to set-up. Contact us today if you are looking to design your outdoor business Bay Area sign.


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