Why Your Business Needs A Lobby Sign?

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Why Your Business Needs A Lobby Sign

Lobby signs can greatly influence an organization because they set the facility’s guests’ tone. A well designed and implemented lobby sign will make a friendly first impression, create your company’s vibe, and provide helpful directions so that people can find their way easily.

Keep reading to learn more about the effect of lobby signs for business and the various signs that you can use to attract visitors to your facility.


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What are Lobby Signs?

Any kind of organization or enterprise will benefit from lobby signs or reception area signs. Lobby signs in your entry or reception areas are an outstanding way to make better use of bland, blank walls. Using lobby signs rather than blank walls or unremarkable artwork to welcome clients and remind them of who you are. 

Lobby signs for business provide clients and customers with a welcoming atmosphere, whether your business is a salon, office, car dealership, or retail store. Whatever business your company is, Sam’s Signs will meet the needs of your lobby signs.

What Are The Different Types of Lobby Signs?

If you’re unsure of the lobby sign to put on your blank wall, here are some common kinds that you can try for your business. Check out what is the best type of sign that you can use.

Acrylic Letters

Acrylic Letters offer crisp, polished and dressy looks. They are available in a wide variety of regular colors. You can also ask for a customized painting to match your brand. 

Metal Letters

For metal letters, aluminium is usually the material used in building it. It is possible to route these letters to match the font of your other marketing materials precisely. Metal laminate, a cheaper substitute with the same effect as an all-metal sign, is another choice.

Illuminated Lobby Signs

It is a modern offering that, because of the tremendous influence, is growing in popularity. These lobby signs that are back-lit give off a feeling of creativity and beauty. So do you want something illuminated? LED lights are your best options.

Lobby Plaques

Lobby plaques are acrylic, but can also be frosted to provide an opaque backdrop. It is beneficial when covering defects in the wall. You can choose from either vinyl or dimensional (acrylic or metal) graphics or a combination of both. 

Plaques are installed with studs and custom screw coverings on the wall that contribute to the plaque’s charm. It is also easier to remove and relocate plaques than individual letters, which is less disruptive to the wall.

Why Your Business Needs A Lobby Sign?

But why do you need a lobby sign? What are the benefits that you can get from it? Here are eight (8) reasons you need to install one for your business.

1.Lobby Signs will help your business make an impact. 

Lobby signs can have a huge influence on an organization because they set the facility’s guests’ tone. A well designed and implemented lobby sign will make a friendly first impression, create your company’s vibe, and provide helpful directions so that people can find their way easily.

Don’t overlook opportunities to display your brand in visitor selfies, social media, or as a backdrop during webinars or video conferences. A lobby sign can give you that affects your business needs.

Given the significance of a lobby sign, making a good first impression when selecting the right lobby sign for your company is essential. So, there are some factors that you need to consider before choosing the right kind.

Lobby signs and materials come in several shapes and sizes, with LED lighting behind the receptionist room. They can run the scale from a temporary vinyl sign to advertise an upcoming event or showcase your logo with personalized dimensional lettering.

Each organization has various needs. So, as far as the imagination allows, the array of signage extends. Get one that would best fit your brand and services offered.

2.Lobby Signs will boost your brand.

Logo signs are tangible assets that you can use to scale your brand. Large, bold, distinctive signs that display a corporation’s logo are the order of the day in an age where branding is everything. If a corporation is the building’s sole owner or rents a floor or two, they want people to recognize.

With the wide variety of custom signage choices, you can build a beautiful lobby sign that will show your company name, logo, and tagline elegantly to place your brand right off the bat. 

Lobby signs can be from any materials. It includes acrylic, glass, metal, wood, and even fascinating dimensional elements that your brand can display. We can also help you illuminate your signs for full visual effect, even when the building lights are off.

3.Lobby Signs serve as welcome greetings to your guests.

Church lobbies are perfect to use as welcoming banners. Vinyl lobby signs are inexpensive, making swapping them out simple and cost-efficient. In situations where an organization has messages for its guests that alter regularly, vinyl lobby signs are an ideal solution.

4.Lobby Signs can work like a directory.

We automatically search for a receptionist area or a building directory display sign once we reach the lobby of an office complex. The directory sign will have all the companies’ names and positions inside the building.

Directory signage is also ideal for viewing the different companies that creatively occupy a building. And don’t think that all functions and no fun need to be directory signs. Building signs can be imaginative and show the vibe of the companies in your building.

Metal etched plates fixed to wood, plexiglass, or metal boards also comprise directional signs. You can mount them near the elevator banks on the wall, or you might see lobby directory signs at the building entrance mounted on metal poles. There are plenty of choices to choose from.

5.Lobby Signs leave excellent impressions.

There will be some signage showing this is a place to request help if a building has a receptionist or front desk area. It could be anything other than a desk plate that the receptionist reads, depending on the office’s reputation.

Some reception areas have a half-wall around the desk where the receptionist or security workers are located. It offers enough room for space’s function of a receptionist, security, welcome center, or others.

The reception area also offers an enormous opportunity for visually impactful lobby signs and directional signs to guide your guests and enhance your brand.

6.Lobby Signs add wall graphics.

For all your customers and employees to see, wall graphics in a lobby can provide more directional help. You can proudly display your company mission and vision statements or your commitment to safety, quality, and customer service.

Wall graphics can also be more abstract to match your office decor or even include a visual timeline of your company history. Thus, you can use it as a conversation piece for your target audience.

Some practical uses of a wall graphic in a business office environment include finding and displaying various waiting areas in a lobby. For instance, wall graphics are essential in a paediatrician’s office to differentiate safe and sick patients in the waiting room. This way, parents know immediately where the waiting area is (where their kids should go) .

7.Lobby Signs can serve as a directional guide.

The lobby directional signs are last but not least. These include where restrooms, elevators, cafeterias, stairs, and various other locations or items that individuals are looking for are located. When a lobby either has no receptionist or has a lot of traffic, directional signs are popular.

Some of the most commonly viewed signs in your building will be these lobby navigational signs. We will work with you when we design your lobby signs to ensure that they strike an even balance between serving a practical purpose and giving your company a friendly and on-brand first impression.

8.Provide a visual representation of the areas you serve

Your organization is multi-faceted, and your customers should understand everything that you do. It can provide an aesthetically pleasing reception area that educates your guests about all facets of your brand by providing a visual representation of the various areas of your business.


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