Are Vehicle Wraps For Business Worth It?

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You’ve probably seen those company vehicles with their details on it. Then, you started wondering, are vehicle wraps for business worth it? Advertisements cost a lot; the bigger it is, the more expensive. What if you can advertise without spending too much on billboards and magazine spaces?


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Car wraps or vehicle wraps are worthy investments. It will keep your business on the ground and propel you forward. It is a cost-effective solution for advertising while providing protection for your car’s paint.

The best thing is that you can promote your firm wherever you go and at any time of the day. Thus, you can reach more of your target audience. But, Investing in vehicle wraps requires proper knowledge to avoid wasting your money. So, this post will give you everything that you need to know about investing in vehicle wraps for business.

What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

Have you seen a dental service car or delivery truck with its business name wrapped on it? It’s what we call a vehicle wrap. For short, it is a digitally-printed mobile billboard. You can either select a full wrap or a partial wrap. What’s the difference you asked?

A full vehicle wrap means covering the entire vehicle. Yes, it includes the windows. But, of course, the front of the car. Don’t worry. If you let a professional install it for you, there wouldn’t be a problem looking through the windows. On the other hand, a partial vehicle wrap is only on one side or a portion of the car. 

Experts usually use vinyl in full color with eye-catching graphics to print your design. Then, they will apply the vinyl film to your car. Regardless of the type of vehicle wrap, make sure to pick high-quality vinyl wraps. This way, you can rely on it for three to five years.

Wait, it has an expiration?

Of course, vehicle wraps will eventually lose its beauty. But, it’s more cost-effective compared to billboards and magazines. Plus, it would look more artistic than banners. 

Are Vehicle Wraps For Business Effective?

Bay Area car wrap for business can be one of the most effective marketing techniques you’ll have. It’s straightforward and can help you reach your target audience. Just imagine how many cars you’d come along with while driving? It is the number of people who could potentially learn or be aware of your firm.

In the US alone, an individual vehicle advertising can generate 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicular impressions. But, it is only when you use the car often. Still, it can help you gain 2.5 times more attention than static billboards. Plus, the RYP & Becker Group indicates messages read on outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate.

With these facts, no wonder why businesses, especially the small ones, invest in vehicle wraps. When used correctly, you can also scale your business. 

Are Vehicle Wraps Only For Large Businesses?

It is a common inaccurate idea to think that vehicle wraps are only for big firms. But it is not always true. So, what if you don’t own a company fleet? Well, you can still rent a van to advertise your company’s name and contact details. You can also look for 2nd hand vehicles to move forward. 

Believe it or not, there’s an increasing number of new businesses taking advantage of vehicle wraps. It’s because they understand that taking advantage of this mobile advertisement could improve small companies. 

Besides, it can also introduce your brand identity to your target customers. It places them on the same playing field as corporations big enough to operate vehicle fleets when small business owners use vehicle wraps.

Why Should Vehicle Wraps For Business Be Your Next Investment?

Are your current advertising campaigns working for you? Here are 5 reasons why investing in vehicle wraps for business is a good idea. It may not be the usual or traditional advertising method, but it is an effective way of promoting your firm. Mobile advertisements are smart tactics to get a considerable number of qualified leads.

Would you like complete info on how vehicle wraps will send your sales skyrocketing? Keep reading.

1.Vehicle Wraps For Business Will Give You More Impressions.

With Bay Area car wrap, you can get 2.5 times more impressions compared to billboards. Aside from reaching your potential customers, you can also be visible to your qualified prospects. It is true, primarily if you are only focusing on local customers. You can feel more confident about your brand.

Whether you’re targeting motorists or pedestrians, vehicle wraps for business will do great. It turns out to be less per perception than other strategies such as ads for search engines or social media. Thus, this approach is more cost-effective in the long run.

2.Vehicle Wraps For Business Will Establish Your Brand Locally

Did you just started your local firm, or are you looking for ways to improve your marketing strategy? Believe me when I say that vehicle wraps are a smart move. As you drive around, you can get the attention of the local residents. It also adds credibility to your brand resulting from trusting build-up. 

Driving around in an unmarked white van would do little to develop your credibility. Getting a vehicle wrap with eye-catching and robust branding could turn you into a household name. The more impressive vehicle wrap design you have, the more likely you’ll become the ‘talk-of-the-own.’ 

But make sure to only hire a professional designer to create the best car wrap for you.

3.Vehicle Wraps For Business Increase Brand Recognition

We all know the importance of building a brand image. For any company, brand image is critical. It’s why creating your brand image to express what you want it to say is so essential. Don’t let your competitor beat you just because you doubted the effectiveness of vehicle wraps.

4.Vehicle Wraps For Business Give You Extra Value 

You spent some substantial cash on company cars, didn’t you? By putting advertising that will win you some new clients, why not recover some of that cost? It’s a smart way, without having to spend a lot, to get more value from an investment you have already made.

Suppose sufficient customers are drawn in by your vehicle wrap advertising. In that case, it could help to offset the cost of new vehicles. Then, it could lead to an endless profit loop! A successful business person is always searching for ways to optimize their current resources. 

Concentrate on making the most of what you already have instead of designing massive promotional campaigns that require entirely new channels.

How Much Do Vehicle Wraps For Business Cost?

So, do you now believe that vehicle wraps will scale your business? I know the foremost question in your mind – how much do vehicle wraps for business cost? In all honesty, it depends on the design, size, and type of vinyl wraps that you want to use. On average, it ranges from $1,500 to $3,000. But, before you back out, it already includes vinyl graphics design, printing services, and professional installation.

 As mentioned, vehicle wraps for business are a cost-effective solution. It may sound costly, but it offers better solutions compared to static billboards. It will give the car a new look while promoting your business. 

You would be stuck with the same commercial if you were to paint advertising on your vehicle before you wanted to repaint the car. You can change advertisements as you wish, though with custom vehicle wraps. Suppose you no longer want to see an ad on your vehicle. In that case, you can have the wrap removed by a professional without causing any harm to the original paint.

Are Vehicle Wraps For Business Legal?

You already know the benefits and cost of vehicle wraps for business. But, is it legal? Before you engage in wrap advertising campaigns, you should confirm vinyl wraps’ legality in your local laws. 

For example, there are some cities or states that banned mobile advertising. It’s because their government claims that the ads contribute to traffic congestion. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend more bucks on a useless advertisement and, worse, penalty fees.

Bay Area car wrap for business is legal. Sam’s Sign always follows safety procedures and legal aspects of applying vehicle wraps for business. 

Why Are Vehicle Wraps For Business Essential?

For any organization that already owns any form of vehicle, vehicle wrap ads is a no-brainer. You get a valuable opportunity to develop your brand and get more leads. This advertisement will also create consumer trust every time you drive your car around.

Even if you’re not sure that the vehicle wrap advertisement is for you, testing on one or more of your vehicles is easy. Then you can analyze the results to help you determine your next step by using a framework that allows you to monitor its effectiveness.

It’s easy to disregard traditional approaches with so much buzz surrounding online advertising. But you might lose out on possible leads and sales through vehicle wraps. Get started with mobile advertising and see what possibilities you have been lacking.


There’s no harm in adding vehicle wraps as part of your marketing strategy. It is essential, especially if you provide products or services in your local area. Vehicle wraps for business can scale your firm, but you also need to choose the best designer. You can also see why your business needs lobby signs.

Suppose you need a quality and reliable vehicle wrap provider in San Leandro and other nearby Bay Area areas. In that case, Sam’s Signs is here for you. We’ll make sure to integrate your overall business plan while aligning with your marketing goals. Give us a call now at 510-481-1700, and talk to one of our representatives.

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