The Differences Between Vinyl Decals vs. Car Wraps

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The Differences Between Vinyl Decals vs. Car Wraps

If you have been looking for ways to promote your business, you’ve probably heard of vinyl decals and car wraps. But what are the differences between the two? How would you know which one is a better option for you? In this article, we will help you understand the differences between vinyl decals vs. car wraps.

Although both are great options for promoting your business, we will help you get a more profound understanding of vinyl decals and car wraps. So, if you have been looking for answers, keep on reading this blog.


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What Is A Car Wrap?

A car wrap features a large graphic that covers the entire vehicle to change its appearance. Some businesses use it so that they can promote their products or services anywhere the business vehicle goes.

Car wraps use a quick and easy process. The best part about using a car wrap is that it is one of the most cost-effective advertising forms. Not to mention, it can make your vehicle look great as well. 

You can use car wraps to completely encase the vehicle like a truck, van, and even a boat. The digitally printed graphics can make any car stunning and informative. However, since the panels will cover the entire vehicle from head to toe, installing vehicle wraps is much more complex and expensive than simply investing in vehicle graphics.

What Are Vinyl Decals?

Vinyl decals are almost similar to car wraps, but what is the difference? Instead of covering the entire vehicle, you will only put the printed design on a specific car area. It could be on the door, hood, or bumper. Vinyl decals are smaller and will give you a lot of custom sizing options. They’re incredibly cost-effective for promoting your brand as you drive around town.

With a full wrap, you can transform your entire vehicle into a highly recognizable piece of art. It will help you grab attention and deliver your brand’s identity to everyone. Decals don’t completely transform the vehicle, but they make it stand out from ordinary cars. But it can still promote your business.

If you are not sure which option is best for your organization, reach out, and someone will help you build a solution tailored to your specific needs. Sam’s Signs can help you amplify your brand through beautiful car wraps and vinyl decals. We can help you choose the right option depending on your business goals.

Vinyl Decals vs. Car Wraps: Longevity

Between vinyl decals vs. car wraps, which has longer longevity of use? Car wraps can last about five to seven years. But it all depends on how often you use the car and frequent washing. The finish and proper maintenance methods affect the longevity of the car wrap.

Vinyl decals can also last up to 8 years, even with various outdoor conditions like the rain and sun. They won’t break or fade in different weather, and the colors won’t fade. So, it is ideal for use on windscreens, windows, vehicles, and vans.

Vinyl Decals vs. Car Wraps: Cost Comparison

Between vinyl decals vs. car wraps, which one do you think is more expensive? Bay Area car wrap is more expensive because it covers the entire body of the vehicle. So, it uses more materials and more complicated processes.

Car wraps also require more attention to detail. But it’s going to be worth every penny because it is an excellent way to promote your business on-the-go. Decals don’t send the same message as a wrap, but they’re significantly less expensive. So it is still a good advertising choice if you prefer simplicity and budget. 

If you have questions about the cost of wraps and decals, please contact us.

Why Choose Car Wraps?

A car wrap may be the solution for someone looking to give their car a new lease on life. Car customization has never been easier, with a wide range of colors and designs to choose from, as well as the ability to create your own. However, before you spend the money or your time if you want to do it yourself, here are some benefits and drawbacks.

Pros Of Car Wraps

Car wraps personalize your vehicle. More motorists opt for car wraps as the finish becomes pristine and designs suited to your brand’s personality. This personalization gives you the right to get a car that’s uniquely yours. You can choose from a wide range of colors, depending on your preference. 

Car wraps are cheaper than billboards. With a car wrap, you can play with new colors at a lower rate. As a result, you won’t have to pay a fortune for billboard space. It is a less expensive choice that allows you to be more creative in your style and design.

Car wraps are removable. You can easily remove your new car wrap after six months if you feel it needs replacement. Experienced car wrap artists ensure you can maintain your vehicle’s quality.

Cons Of Car Wraps

You will get what you pay for. If you’re looking to wrap your car on a budget, keep in mind that you get precisely what you pay for. So, if you want to do some DIY and buy a cheap wrap to save money, you could end up with a less desirable finish than trade wraps or a wrap graded on quality.

The color may suffer from any scratches. Another ‘con’ to consider is the color shift that will occur if the wrap gets scuffed or scratched. The color can seep through as the wrap is damaged further, becoming more visible and losing its overall finish. It will also lose the vinyl wrap’s protective layer, exposing the paintwork to further damage.

It may require legalities. You must contact the insurance provider and the DVLA if you intend to install a full-body wrap that will transform the color of the vehicle. It can be a time-consuming operation, particularly if you just want to wrap your car for a short time before returning it to its original state. Before you spend money on an exterior full-body wrap, do some research online.

Why Choose Vinyl Decals?

If you want to make a better choice between vinyl decals vs. car wraps, let’s look at the pros and cons of vinyl decals.

Pros Of Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals require minimal downtime. Vinyl has a much quicker processing time to finish than car wraps that usually take a day or two to complete.

Vinyl decals offer varied options. Vinyl wraps come in a broader range of colors and finishes than paint. You can match anything depending on the color of your vehicle. Each pigment can you a variety of finishes, including gloss, semi-gloss, matte, and satin. 

Vinyl decals are also removable. You can request to remove the vinyl if you wish to return to the original paint color or choose a completely different color. It helps you to adjust the appearance of your vehicle more frequently.

You can customize vinyl decals with digitally printed designs. It enables you to give your car an unmistakable appearance. So, you can get a well-design vehicle for your vehicle.

Cons Of Vinyl Decals

Poor quality vinyl decals can only be as good as paint. A high-quality paint job has more dimension and character than the vinyl cover. A well-installed wrap made of premium vinyl, on the other hand, can fit the appearance of all but the most expensive paint jobs at a fraction of the cost.

Why Change Your Vehicle’s Appearance?

Customized vehicles generate a lot of marketing mileage for companies. Some businesses would spend hundreds of dollars just to have someone travel around town with signs because of the high appeal of this form of advertisement. People who constantly see your representative vehicle out on the road feel that your company is flourishing, and brand awareness increases.

Unusual colors stand out from a long line of cars with paint color makeovers. A signature color may convey a person’s personality or create a brand’s identity. Having a vehicle representing your individuality with a particular color hue or a graphic logo will make you stand out. Changing your car from generic to exclusive strengthens your identity and makes it easier for people to identify you.

Get A Professional Look

One of the most fashionable and professional ways to advertise the business is to get a vehicle wrap. In choosing between vinyl decals vs. car wraps, it’s all about identifying your goals. Not only are you promoting your brand everywhere you go, but you’re also showing to potential customers that you value and believe in your work.

Sam’s Signs will help you achieve your objectives or address questions you may have about wraps and car vinyl decals for business.


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